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I’ve been seeing Dr.Hall since I lived in Niceville. When I saw he had an office in DeFuniak Springs I immediately booked an appointment. And my husband recently had lower implants done by Dr. Myrick. We were very pleased with the results. Dr. Hall and Dr. Myrick work well together. The hygienists do a great job as well. The staff is super helpful too! ~ Linda Beck


If missing teeth keep you from smiling, you can finally find a permanent solution with the professional dental team at DeFuniak Springs Family Dental. Our office is home to highly trained dentists who have a vast experience improving smiles and function with dental implants. To learn more, call the office to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Collin Myrick or Dr. Gary Hall. You can even book your appointment online now.

Dental implants replace both your natural tooth and its root. Our dentists may suggest an implant when you’re missing one or more teeth. When you’re missing multiple teeth in a row, they may recommend an implant-supported bridge or dentures.

Our dentists recommend an implant when it provides a better tooth replacement option than more traditional options.

The dental implant process begins when your dentist places a titanium cylinder in your jaw bone which anchors your new tooth in your mouth, forming a strong, solid bond. Over the next six months, your jaw heals, fusing to the cylinder much as a tooth’s root fuses to the jaw bone.

After your jaw and gums heal, your dentist adds a crown over the implant to complete your ‘new tooth.’

At Defuniak Springs Family Dental we use technology including X-rays, panoramic films, or 3D CT scans, to assess whether your jawbone is strong and healthy enough for dental implants. In some cases, a bone graft is necessary before placing the implant to ensure there is enough bone material for the implant to root.

Not only do dental implants help renew the aesthetics of your smile, they help patients regain normal speech and eating habits, prevent surrounding teeth from shifting and rotating, and help preserve a healthy jawbone that will deteriorate if a missing tooth is left untreated. Other advantages of using dental implants to replace teeth include:​​​​​​​

  • Long-lasting results
  • Unmatched stability
  • Helps in the preservation of bone
  • Helps regain normal speech and eating
  • Look and feel just like natural teeth
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Can support dental crowns, bridges, and dentures for a single or multiple tooth replacement solution

If missing teeth are impacting your smile, find a solution at DeFuniak Spring Family Dental. Call the office today at (850) 892-0866 to schedule your appointment or book it online.

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