Grant Marcantel, DDS


Who likes going to the dentist? Raise your hand.
I haven’t been to a dentist in many, many years and my mouth was a complete disaster. The only reason I finally decided to find one was I had one tooth in particular that was making me very uncomfortable. I finally decided it was time and a co-worker referred Defuniak Springs Family Dental.
They made me feel welcome and comfortable from the moment I stepped in there. I was very embarrassed to even let them look in my mouth but I can now say, after several visits and major work done over the last 6 months, that Defuniak Springs Family Dental is fantastic. Everyone I’ve encountered has been professional, courteous, and fun. Wait, did I just say fun?!?! Never in a million years would I ever think I’d use the word “fun” with a dental office.
Dr. Grant Marcantel is a great dentist and a great person. Defuniak Springs is lucky to have him.
Ms Macy, Ms. Holly, Ms. Michelle, Ms. Sherry, Ms. Jamie, and Ms. Kaylan have all been a part of my process and every one of them are wonderful.
If you’re like I was, dreading going to the dentist but you have forced yourself to go because it’s time, look no further. Call them now.
Thank you Defuniak Springs Family Dental for giving me my smile back (even though I don’t smile… LOL)~ J. Hill

Grant Marcantel, DDS - DeFuniak Springs Family Dental

Dr. Grant Marcantel, a Houston, Texas native, developed a keen interest in dentistry at the age of 13. Through high school and beyond, he actively pursued his passion by regularly shadowing a dental mentor, gaining insights from the front desk to the doctor’s office. After high school, Dr. Grantattended Texas A&M University (Gig’em!), earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting from Mays Business School in August 2013. Continuing his journey toward a dental education, Dr. Marcantel attended the University of Texas School of Dentistry in Houston.

It was in dental school where Dr. Grant forged a lasting friendship with Dr. Myrick in his first year, and later, he met his now-wife, Dr. Esmeralda Marcantel. Moving to Florida and joining the DFS Dental Family has proven to be an exciting adventure, from the joy of less traffic (a relief from Houston commutes) to the beauty of exquisite beaches. Settling into his sunny new environment, he looks forward to bringing exceptional oral healthcare to the community. His love for dentistry and community-minded service make him a valuable addition to the DeFuniak Springs Family Dental team.

In his leisure time, Dr. Marcantel enjoys exploring his new home in NW Florida, indulging in hobbies like fishing and working out. However, his favorite pastime is savoring his wife’s home-cooked meals.

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